About F.D.

I'm Freeze-Dried - a South Asian, SF-loving, Female Grad Student (currently seriously reconsidering my academic aspirations). 

I am, despite my own and abundant misgivings, a fledgling feminist.

I like to cook and eat and knit and read. And this blog tends to be about these things that I like. 

In my spare time, I can move mountains and drink up the sea. I can also be bought, or, at least hired, for the appropriate amount of love, affection, coffee and desserts .

In the last few years, I've grown accustomed to running the dishwasher, but still intensely dislike having to take out the trash or to do the laundry. I still likes folding warm and fuzzy clothes.

I was lost, and my bridges all were crossed. And then, somehow, I found today. 

You can contact me at frozendry at gmail dot com.